5-9 MAY 2016- Ongoing Drought Relief PSI Experiment on California’s severe drought- turns to Flood alerts in 9 counties South and Central CA

5-9 MAY 2016- MENTAL INFLUENCE ON WEATHER EXPERIMENT. Ongoing Drought relief Exp. on California’s severe drought- turns to Flood alerts in 9 counties South and Central CA

(Psi Subject: Chris H. Hardy, PhD – Experimenter Dani Caputy @UC-Davis)

REPORT 2 - FROM CHRIS-HH (Friday May 6 (7-8pmCA)
* Exp2- May7(7amCA) (4pmFR)-Rain map- whole California (Red Flag on Davis)
11 hours after the ending of the 2d session of the Drought relief Experiment- focused on (1) Madera (NE of Fresno), (2) Davis (W of Sacramento), (3) L.A., and CA at large
 Blue= rain NOW or soon (the darker the blue, the stronger the rain);
Dark green= Flood warnings  in 9 counties in CA.

* Sat7Fr-2pmF (5amCA) (33 hours after the end of Exp1 on Thursday5MAY 7pmà8.20pm.
Flash Flood Watch Alerts in Central and South CA- From Los Angeles to East of San Jose,
See map Exp2- May7Fr(1'37pm) Flood warning on 9 counties (from LA up to the East of San José) incl. Madera- Bakersfield & Visalia (3 out of the 4 target cities of the Exp1 (May 5) and Exp2 (May 6 ) [Red Flag on Visalia, CA]

  • 1. Flash Flood Watch ... May 7-Flash Flood Watch in effect (9amPDTthrough this evening)...  portion of central California... including the following areas... east central San Joaquin Valley..  Statement as of 04:08 PDT -07 May 2016

    The National Weather Service in Hanford has issued a
    * Flash Flood Watch for a portion of central California...

    including the following areas... east central San Joaquin Valley... Kern County mountains... southeastern San Joaquin
    Valley... southwestern San Joaquin Valley and west central San Joaquin Valley.

    * From 9 am PDT this morning through this evening

    * saturated ground from two days of heavy rain has primed the region for good flooding potential again today as showers and thunderstorms are expected. Flooding will not be widespread and limited to areas where heavy slow moving storms are
    expected... mainly along the west side of the San Joaquin Valley and over the north facing slopes of the Tehachapi Mountains.

    * Interstate 5 through the Grapevine could see mud flows and Lane closures again today as showers and thunderstorms are once again expected to form over the area. City streets and poor drainage areas could become flooded. Low lying roads between fields in poor drainage areas in rural locations could become flooded with possible Road closures.
  • Flash Flood Watch (07 may 2016)southwest California... (10amPDT today ->8pmPDT this evening).
  • Flash Flood Watch Statement as of 02:33 PDT le 07 may 2016
  • From 10 am PDT today through 8 PM PDT this evening.
... Flash Flood Watch in effect from 10 am PDT today through 8 PM
PDT this evening... The National Weather Service in Los Angeles/Oxnard has issued a

* Flash Flood Watch for a portion of southwest California... including the following areas... Antelope Valley... Cuyama Valley... Los Angeles County mountains excluding the Santa Monica range... Santa Barbara County mountains and Ventura County mountains.

* From 10 am PDT today through 8 PM PDT this evening.

* There is the potential for slow moving thunderstorms late this morning through early evening across the watch area... with rainfall rates possibly exceeding one inch per hour.

* Rainfall rates may be high enough to cause flash flooding as well as rock/mud slide activity in the watch area. In
addition... mud and debris flows will be possible in and around recent burn areas in the watch area.

Exp 2. Friday6 7pmCA (sat 4am- 5.39 Fr) report on current medit.
4.12 open the maps to look at these 2 cities. Madera first.
Aim given by Dani at 3.45Fr  2 cities +Madera; Davis (I keep LA in the background of my mind)
I started on Madera at 4.16, focused on Madera for 30 mns + a bit of Davis and CA at large,
* 4.35: raining in Fresno—south of (near) Madera. Again in 5min.
* 5.05 still raining in Fresno
* 5.26. Rain south of Los Angeles (in 4 mns Anaheim , Cleveland Nat Forest,
* 5.29. Rain all around Bakersfield (capture map)
* 5.35. Rain all around Lake Tahoe + Nth of Davis/Sacramento, in Gridley, & in the  East (Calfar, bear Valley) .
* I stop 5.39

 Friday6- 7.50 amFR
Predictions for Los Angeles
Alt. 38 m 33.95 °N, 118.21 °W | Updated 16 sec ago
CouvertOvercast (Couvert)
16 ° C
Seems (Paraît) 16.1 ° C
Wind (Vent de) SW
Gusts 1.6 km/h
Tomorrow: Same temperature predicted as today. (Demain il est prévu de faire pratiquement la même température qu’aujourd’hui.)
Today: (Aujourd'hui)
High (Haut) 19 | Low (Bas) 14 ° C
Yesterday (Hier)
Haut(e) 21.8 | Bas 13.7 ° C
Precip. 0 mm
Possibility of rain Friday 03:15 amFR  Possibilité de pluie Vendredi à 03:15.

MAY 5, 2016- Weather relief Exp on California drought/ data
Exp1. REPORT 1 - FROM CHRIS (Thursday May 5 (7-8pmCA)
Exp1. Thursday May 5 – on CA – 7pm -8pmCA (in fact 4.05 up to 5.20amFr)

* 1st SESSION. 4.07 am-Fr.  Meditation on Drought + cities Map
- Focus on clouds gathering & turning (to stay there) inside the whole north of CA.
- Specific focus on Bakersfield + Visalia. (as asked by Dani)

* 2d SESSION. 4.38 up to 5.20 am
4.38. Open the rain Map (interactive, real time) Big patch of rain soon falling West of Visalia, small patch on the East of Visalia. Medium patch on Bakersfield.
- Focus on Visalia (as asked by Dani, who told me on a mail there had been rain on Bakersfield 30 mns ago (that was 3.50-55 – as I understood it))
* Focus on clouds gathering & turning (to stay there) around the white patch around Visalia.
* Focus on rain coming from Colorado (including via the river), and from the ocean.
§§ lots of patches of rain West of Visalia and a few East of Visalia - falling around mid 2d session, then starting again around 5.5am.
§§ (Weather report on storms) Violent storm soon to break on Mc Farland (South of Bakersfield)

ASSESSMENT with Dani (tel call):
* Dani tells me the rain has fallen on CA since the morning.
And in Bakersfield OR Visalia since about 20 mns before the session (i.e. around 3.40am Fr)
* I propose to make a 2d set of statistics from 10 days before May 5th, compared with 10 days from May 5th.
(thus including the morning as a semi-conscious effect (thinking about the experiment ahead).
* I propose that Next Exp will be after 10 days without rain and at least an expected absence of rain for the next 10 days. Only 3 nights of exp. Statistics: 10days before // compared to 10 days after, from the 1st exp. day onward.

* Check Rain map at 6.50amFr. Raining NOW in Visalia (Red flag = Visalia, CA).
At 6.50: Raining in 9mn on Visalia – NOW to the West of Visalia.


Hi Chris,
Let me know if you like this better...I found an interactive map here: https://www.wunderground.com/wundermap/ and you can zoom in to the west coast of the US

These temperatures should update based on whenever each individual station updates, most are more frequently than every hour.  Clicking on each one tells you when the last update was, and zooming in gives you more detail.  You also have radar (rain distribution) loaded by default.  Also, if you click on the gear next to where it says "weather stations" on the right panel, you can click the "temperature" checkbox at the bottom where it says "overlays" and see a gradient color map of temperature like the other thing I sent you.

If you like this, then I can send you an updated drought + worst impacted cities map tomorrow and you can use this tool instead for the live feedback.  If you keep your browser open during the meditation it should update automatically, in fact.  What do you think of this?

For data analysis we can definitely look at radar images, temperature drops (compared to normal diurnal variations), and temperature profiles.

Since the US drought monitor updates their map every Thursday, I will send you the new one tomorrow with the cities, and also find the temperature drops from 7-8 pm in recent days for those cities.
016-WeathReliefExp-ca_conditions (first 2 maps)May4 (sent May 4 by dani 

Dani Caputi <@ucdavis.edu>
 (May 4, 2016)
2:45 AM (20 hours ago)

Hi Chris,

It was great to meet you at The Science of Consciousness conference.

I attached an example map of drought conditions / air temperature.  How does this look?  When you're ready to do the meditation I will send an updated version of these images if you like the format you see here.  Also, I will be able to text or email you the radar feedback while you are doing the meditation.

Otherwise, let me know if you need anything else and we can pick a date and time to go forward with this experiment.  Thanks a lot!


From Dani to Chris HH May 5

Dani Caputi
May 5 (2 days ago)

Hi Chris,

Here are the current drought conditions with worst impacted cities

Dani Caputi
(May 5, 2016)
2:10 AM (France Time - 5 hours ago)

Hi Chris,

Thanks for getting back to me.  I think the timeframe you propose will work, but I have a few thoughts.

I attached a drought map with current rain distribution overlayed, as well as Latitude and Longitude.  I'll mark important cities on this tomorrow and send you an updated version before we start.  How does this look?

The thing I want to make clear is that the drought intensity maps will not provide you live feedback because they are assessed by a university and updated only once a week.  Also, temperature only updates about once an hour.  However, the current rain distribution will update every few minutes, and I can send you an updated version of an image like this at the times you propose, with only the rain distribution changing.  Is that okay for you?

So to be clear on the timeline, you are proposing for each night:

4:00 - 4:20 meditation
4:25 feedback 1
4:30 - 4:50 meditation
4:55 feedback 2

Let me know if I got that right.

Finally, I just want to make you aware that from a scientific perspective, large-scale and long-term effects will be much harder to prove were due to influence than small-scale and short-term effects.  It may be possible using ensemble models, but if even a small amount of your efforts each night can be directed toward an intention of seeing some measurable effect within a short timescale (1 or 2 hours) at the heavily impacted cities that I will highlight, that might be useful.

Let me know what you think, thanks a lot!

6 May 3amFr / Hi, Dani, I’m ready for the exp in 1h+
(working on a book in the meantime)
Pl. for my own records, could you inscribe each time on each maps the exact Time+ date + webpage.
About map + worst hit cities: can you put a pin+ name under or around the W and 1 and 2 (of W120)—that is, west of Bakersfield: I sense an acute problem there. (and move the writing “W120” a bit—out of Calif?)

(5 Mai  7.45 am) From Chris
Given that the temperature map is updated each hour, let’s have the Exp-working time last more than an hour.
Can you check at which time precisely the new map is uploaded (could you give me the link?). We’d start immediately once it is – and we’d connect up to the time the next one is available.
  Whatever the time we start (after the Temp. map is available), we’ll follow the minutes timetable below:

4:00 – you send the maps (Drought Int. map (+ names) + new rain map + new temperature map)
I send you back a mail, saying I got them and am starting.
4:05 - 4:25 meditation
4:25 feedback 1 (you send new rain map)
4:35 - 4:55 meditation
5:00 - feedback 2 (new rain map + new temperature map). I call you to discuss them.

As for short-term effect intention, of course that’s what I’m intending all along. However storms and too heavy rain are devastating on drought and too dry soil, just rolling by as if on a rocky surface. What’s needed is a long soft rain that’s penetrating the earth.

P.S. I’m still not squared on my usual French time night of work. Tonight, instead of a 1-hour night siesta before working all night, I slept straight from midnight to 5 am. I should be okay to get up (after my normal 11pm-00am siesta) around midnight to-morrow. The added “I send you back a mail, saying I got them and am starting” is to be sure I’m indeed awaken, ready to start.

(May 4- 11.25pm FR) From ChrisHH
Hi Dani,

Thanks for the maps, they are perfect. However I would need additional data.
1. A map of the current rain distribution. Size of map: same as the DROUGHT INTENSITY map (i.e. 9 states in the West of the USA; I need to orient myself of that map – at least the markings of the boundaries of the states, + coastline.
 2. Same 9 states map (a) with major and medium towns and (b) with latitudes and longitudes– so that I may get and give you a better feedback afterward. (Maybe, for ex, I’ll need to report (for me) and to tell you what I ‘saw’ or ‘felt’ about one area of work, and for now I don’t  have any reference to help locate the place –only vague longitudes.)
* What are the towns most in need of water – mark their names somehow differently on the map (in spec. color, or highlight)
* would it be possible to have the Drought-Intensity satellite map superposed to the towns map + Latitudes/longitudes?

TimeTable. Below is what I propose—given the intensity of the drought, that, I believe, has been going on for a few months in some places. (Some info on that?)

- Experiment extended over 5 nights (for me) + 2 days of feedback.
Starting to-morrow night Thursday 5th of May up to Monday 9th.
I’ll be working in meditation two times for 20 minutes.  

- Each night, experiment lasting 1 hour. I propose from 4 am to 5 am FR time (7->8pm Calif ?).
You send me the 3 or 4 maps (the cities map by itself or within the Drought-Intensity map)
*SendMaps1- at 4am Fr, (I start working at 4.5am)
*SendMaps2- at 4.25 (first feedback) I start working again on these at 4.30.
*SendMaps3- at 4.50 (second feedback).
We may discuss them at 4.55 up to whatever. I would like to call you then. My phone is free.
(Is the number on your card okay for this?)

Is this timetable okay for you?
The larger effects could take more than a week to emerge (given the size of the area). We would make an assessment Monday or Tuesday 5/17.
If the results are not meeting my/our expectations, we’ll do a second week of experimentation.

Tell me what you think? Okay to start to-morrow?
 Very exiting process – thanks to you too.


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