Diverging Views


Nov 4, 2013

The whole galactic empire is running on the Rvans' advanced science and technology and yet, as a 5th creation, they are bound to remain forever the servants of elder creations.
But that's now going to change! Slyly, they have readied themselves to seize power using their cutting-edge neural armament—weapons of mass coercion. The Rvans now practically control the mind of the Emperor-of-All-Worlds and they have placed their own pawns at the powerful Galac ministry and at Pol-Int, the political intelligence ministry.
While their stealthy fight enters its decisive phase—the outcome of which will nevitably seal the fate of the Galactic Empire
– and Earth in its wake –, only a handful of sacked political actors lacking any leverage seems to have noticed the carefully staged moves.
There's little hope left… until a young Ur genius, Pi, stumbles on criminal maneuvers on a tiny, faraway planet, that point to a bigger plan.
Using a new Syg3 technology enabling him to step into past events, will he be able to thwart Rvan plans?
Can the Urs, a civilization of artists-yogis fully dedicated to developing their mind potentials, checkmate the deadly Rvan technologies?

Meanwhile, on Earth, outstanding psi subjects work for secret military program to gather intelligence—but they too fall on anomalies: aliens bizarrely present and interfering with the events they are investigating. They vow to use their talents  to shed light on those uncanny interferences.
Time is short. Will Earth—awakening to the stern reality of a vastly populated universe—develop quickly enough into a third force able to tip the odds?


DIVERGING  VIEWS’s  double plot is woven on two different levels: a complex political ploy at the galactic level, and one that plays out on Earth, as humans become aware of the “pluriverse” and the many creatures that inhabit it.
The first level involves a Galactic Empire of about three thousands worlds, in which the diverse races of sapiens are bound by a strict hierarchical order based on ancestry. Assured of its divine right, the galactic government tends to be utterly unconcerned with the fate of minor and remote worlds such as Delos (Earth). Worse yet, Delos is not a member-planet and, unknown to its inhabitants, its fate is in the hands of the implacable secret governorate of the Rvans. As the Rvan civilization is plotting to subdue humans to an unprecedented degree, only a major leap in consciousness—spawned by Earth allies and highly conscious humans—could save Earth.
As DIVERGING VIEWS opens, the Rvans, inventors of secret mass-control weapons, are getting into full-fledged undercover action to take control of the galactic empire, while they reinforce their base on Delos. The Korub Korcha (chief of defense and diplomacy), unaware of having been put into power by the Rvans to be their puppet, is coming back from the faraway Orion cluster where he has victoriously crushed a dissent to the great satisfaction of both the Emperor and the Rvans. He becomes the target of mind-control attacks by a Rvan delegation intent on getting the legal status that would make them the undisputed and unhampered masters of Delos. However, Korcha is suddenly made aware of the dire reality by his secretary, himself part of an opposition group.
The action on the second level plays out on Delos/Earth, where a group of scientists and psi subjects, while using psi remote-sensing for a secret military program, is confronted with clear-cut signs of alien civilizations—the Rvans in particular—and have decided to investigate them. The dilemma facing Delos is either to remain unaware of the galactic civilization and be subdued by despotic aliens, or take a leap in consciousness and “come of age” as a galactic member, and then fight for its democratic values. The latter would require that Earth, moving beyond a deep-rooted skepticism, follow the lead of its most perceptive and creative citizens.
Toward the end of the book, the two plots will be revealed as being deeply interwoven, as connections have been progressively taking place between sensitive alien beings bent on helping Delos/Earth, and psychic and spiritually aware Earth individuals.
Unexpected forces of freedom get involved: namely, the Ur civilization. Highly creative and psychic individuals, the Urs have developed a governance and a science dedicated to freeing the individual—and they decide to oppose the deadly Rvan science.
As the Urs know well, consciousness pervades the universe at the speed of thought, instantaneously. Mysterious crisscrossing and resonance in situations happen between the galactic civilization and Earth, and the fight raging in the galaxy core will interfere with the course of events on Earth.
When this first volume ends, the Korub Korcha has been rescued by the Urs from utter disgrace and hypnosis-induced suicide at the hand of the Rvan governor of Orion3. A great danger has been avoided and the forces of democratic reform have regrouped, but we are still unsure of the fate of this remote planet - Delos, that is, Earth.

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