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  1. Hello Chris

    I just caught your interveiw with Whitley Strieber on Unknown Country . . . excellent show! but, you mentioned your awakening in regards to nature, and I just wanted to share that at one point in my life I was told in a voice outside of myself, "put the books down and come work with me."
    That lead me to work with nature, yes! the trees and all helped me learn to harness my own energy and work with their energy in a sacred relationship "hoop". So much more but, thank you for allowing me to share this with you. ~~ Marilyn R Knopic

  2. details on the annunaki/alien ancestral DNA
    origins of negentropy in blood;

  3. Dear , i speak French , born Brussels , Paris informatics retired , gran father 70 ; came the last 10 years completely accidentally on ancient leylines and earthgrids in Google Earth , theory Prof. Hagens , anthropology, USA ; the results were so amazing that in agreement with Prof. Hagens , several Face Book groups were setup related , today 1875 members following in 18 months , i just mentioned Your research and latest conference on 10 may at Glastonbury ( every alternative author history or researcher was informed of my accidental findings as end-user/reader , even not being a researcher !) i mentioned You on the general FBGroup (5 in total on specialized leyline domains) E - News Earthgrids News Kindest regards Amitiés , Hugo Bruxelles

    1. Thanks a lot, Hugo. I'm also posting the link here. Chris

  4. I remembered the generative act with Enki before reading it in "DNA of the Gods" ... Particularly valuable in this book that i couldn't put down for two days until completed ... were two things. Your gorgeous explanation of the pathogenic effect of Biblical theologies/interpretations on the individual and SOCIAL character of monotheistic societies, first.

    Secondly, a subject matter you have altogether eluded: Your descriptions of Anunnaki character structure were absolutely hair-raising, for their accuracy, excellence and the substance itself, scrying the horrifying Enlil international banksters of now.

  5. Knowing about the actual Eden events was a tremendous RELEASOR. The overlay on my psyche was cleaned out, blind obedience to something unknown, guilt, fear, replaced by the expanding Freedom. Freedom. Freedom.

    I was reading deeply into your clean and adept character all the way through, and you are so beautiful.

    Next: you blithely sailed above the fact that the Sumerian reports of reality "ain't necessarily so". (Gershwin lyrics.) As a symbolic, supracausal statement, Ninmah's work with 'Noah's Ark' submersible could not by any stretch of the imagination bring all the species across, or even detect them. There are reports from all around the world of a grand Deluge, it has to be acknowledged, but the actuality has not yet been envisioned. You overlooked certain unrealities to accurately portray what the record *says*, and your intuitions are to be highly trusted, because you are another one who was there, closer than i was to the Anunnaki power holders.

    You're a lovable and unique enlightened being. Your conceptions are so guarded and comprehensive that the writing itself is hermetically sealed, with no place to draw an objection. I have to convey true love.

    Men are so lustful by nature, unless evolved, and so HELPLESS to women, so overwhelmed by the power woman wields over their lives, that they *have* to blame and brutalize her ... if they are childish. BECAUSE they are childish. They FEEL childish. But they can by force coerce her to treat them like the real "adult".

  6. Bonjour Christine
    Comment peut on connaitre vos prochaines conférences en France ou ailleurs ? Merci. Je suis musicien et thérapeute et passioné par vos travaux si inspirant. merci ! Francois-Marie Dru

  7. Hi Chris,
    I wanted to add a comment on your blog but I could not do it, don't know why, it did not permit me!

    I read your book Wars of the Anunnaki, and I really am fascinated by it.
    But one thing I find not according to what I know from my own research, and wide reading, and knowing the Hebrew language.
    the DNA of earhlings and the DNA of the Anunnaki are the same core, and that is why they could make genetic engineering.
    But Humans, if you translate to Hebrew, means Bnei Adam; the Sons of Adam. and Adam was earthling Adama=Earth, not Anunnaki.
    As far as I know the Anunnaki were Anashim (in plural); Ish (single).
    For example Jesus says, in Aramic, ana bar Inch = I'm the son of Ish, which was erroneously translated as I'm the son of man =Adam.
    So, Jesus father was Ish, an Anunnaki. And it also explains how Miriam, Jesus mother, got pregnant without having intercourse with a man, it was most probably pegnancy by the Anunnaki intervention.
    so Human is one thing. Ish is another, although they have the same core DNA.
    I'm sorry for my bad English, but I hope you understood what I wanted to point at.

    my best regards, Ella Shunya

  8. Chris can I have your email please the one above does not work - want to ask you a question...thanks!

  9. I would like to first thank you for your wonderful book, "DNA of the Gods", it is marvelous on many fronts:

    First, you place Zecharia Sitchin exactly where he belongs, at the forefront of Sumerologists!

    Second, your research is amazing!

    Thank you for both.

    Now I would like to offer my suspicions as to why the Annunaki are:

    So dependent on their MEs

    AND why they are so dammed stupid at times.

    The Annunaki have been around for a VERY long time. They certainly live for a long time but I am confident they do NOT live for ever, although it may seem so to us. Their civilization, I am sure, goes through cycles like many around the universe (Think Kali Yuga).

    I believe the MEs were developed during a period in their evolution where they had remarkable technical abilities. It is during this "enlightened" time the MEs were conceived and deployed.

    How many "cycles" since then?? Who knows BUT I believe the current batch of Annunaki are of a lower intellectual capacity which means they RELY on the MEs, no longer having the capacity to do without them.

    Along with a reduced technical abilities I believe their general intellectual abilities are lower as well rendering them prone to fits of ego, as you describe in your book.

    USING THE MEs, they are certainly still capable of amazing feats and some among them do appear to be brilliant but even the most brilliant, Inki appears to need his MEs ----

    Just an idea,

    Thanks again for the wonderful book!

    Will be starting "Wars" next.

    Hal Taylor