The Sacred Network

by Chris H. Hardy
Inner Traditions, Bear & Co., 2011 

THE SACRED NETWORK shows – through multiple experiences and subtle perceptions – how individuals attuning their minds with each other (for prayer, music playing, trance-dancing, etc.) may create a field of harmony that puts them in telepathic contact—called telepathic-harmonic fields or Telhar fields. The book recounts astounding experiences of these Telhar fields among Sufis in prayer or ascetics in India, among people meditating or dancing, or in jam sessions, and plunges us into the live experience of shared consciousness in different cultures and parts of the world. Though this wealth of personal experiences, Chris H. Hardy shows us how to live outstanding states of collective harmony – the key to the next leap in human evolution.
The energy of consciousness also infuses sacred places and buildings, and we may put this in light via the exploration of leys and of the ancient megalithic and Druidic grid, on which is embedded the more recent Christian grid—the resultant global and planetary grid being the Sacred Network. Energy lines connecting monuments in Paris thus form astounding structures based on sacred geometry (Part 2). Finally, unique peak experiences point to dimensions of consciousness that, in transcending our usual space and time limitations, can bring valuable information about distant or future events (Part 3).
All along the book, the processes and dynamics of Telhar fields are sorted out with each experience and in the last part, a more global theory of Telhar fields is used to explain such phenomena as the quantum entanglement and the EPR paradox, and brings astounding predictions
Chris H. Hardy reveals here a long and passionate quest for exploring and deciphering a more Hermetic level of reality: the dimension of collective consciousness that will soon trigger a fantastic leap for all of humanity.


·        Chris H. Hardy's data give unprecedented weight to the theories advocating that Maria Magdalene was of a royal descent from Egypt as well as a priestess in ancient cults; that she was the spouse and first disciple of Christ and that Their descent became the Bloodline of the Merovingian kings in France. These theories have been worked out by renown authors such as Henry Lincoln and Dan Brown in his Da Vinci Code.
·        They also suggest that a higher dimension of consciousness (accessed by the great sages of ancient times) could be befalling humanity in a very near future and steer a fantastic new evolution on Earth – as developed by Colin Wilson in his From Atlantis to the Sphinx.
·        However, The Sacred Network is strikingly original in the sense that the data are neither historical nor  literary, but instead based on traceable and sound phenomena as well as on actual figures made out of leys and energy lines. It's a whole new range of proofs that gives credence to the predictions of the Sufis and of philosopher Teilhard de Chardin. Chris H. Hardy’s decoding of the Sacred Network and her predictions are based on two decades of research and experience of consciousness as well as on a comprehensive knowledge of the major spiritual paths on Earth.


Since the age of eighteen, and as a result of an intense meditation practice, Chris has developed her own “Direct Path” of connection to her own Self and to the semantic dimension (the collective unconscious) and a remarkable array of psi talents ­­– one of which is to perceive the energy of consciousness as it flows in and around people, and as it imprints places and springs out as arches of light from the tip of steeples and domes.
An unquenchable curiosity brought her to travel extensively to the East, Middle-East, Central and South America, as well as Africa, to study the ancient paths of wisdom, while in parallel she tackled the novel scientific research on consciousness and psi, chaos and systems theory. All this led her to a PhD in cultural anthropology and several books – ranging from self-help books on visualization and positive thinking to a full-fledge theory of consciousness (Networks of Meaning, NJ: Praeger, 1998).
It is this wealth of experiences, that the book retraces, that led Chris H. Hardy to two major breakthroughs; the first, that groups of people may achieve a state of collective harmony ­­– creating an energy-field with astounding properties – and the second, that consciousness may imprint places and buildings. Nothing but a rare combination of striking psi gifts and a rigorous scientific mind could have brought to light such amazing harmony fields and the magnificent network of energy connecting standing stones and monuments.
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1. A Quester's Direct Path
2. Music and Harmonic Rapture
3. The Secret of Shared Prayer
4. Inheriting Sacred Places
5. Weaving the Collective Consciousness
6. Consciousness as Energy

7. Cathedral Builders and Megaliths
8. Unveiling the Christian-Druidic Grid
9. The Sacred Network of Paris: The Obelisk Node
10. St. John the Baptist’s Pyramid and the Châtelet Node.

PART 3.  EXCEPTIONAL TELHAR FIELDS (Space and Time Singularities)
11.  Annulling Space
12.  Time Singularities
13.  Toward a Planetary Consciousness

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