3 Audio + Coming Interviews (March-June 2016)

3 Audio + Coming Interviews (March-June 2016)
radios 2016:
·              Andrew Tuzson. Lost Origins Radio.
April 15th-   lost-origins.com


·                Cliff Dunning - Earth Ancients Podcast
March 26th, 2016

·               Chase Kloetzke - FATE Magazine Radio (KGRA/Muffon)
March 22d, 2016.

·                 June 10th: Jill Hanson - The Q.Psience Project

Alternative Talk Radio Host at KGRA-db

The Q.Psience Project airs live every Friday from 9-11pm EST.

·               May 26-27: Bob Bain - The Farside TV

3 Video Interviews on Psychologist Jeffrey Mishlove’s Thinking Allowed (videos on YouTube)

1st Interview/ The Infinite Spiral  Staircase, Part One: Telepathic Harmonic Fields, with Chris H. Hardy


2d Interview / The Infinite Spiral Staircase, Part Two: Semantic Field Theory, with Chris H. Hardy



3d Interview: The Infinite Spiral Staircase, Part Three: Cosmic DNA at the Origin, with Chris H. Hardy

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