Radio interviews on DNA of the Gods

Update : April  12th

Upcoming radio shows to which you can tune in via internet (in real time), or listen to the audio file on the websites’ archives.

·      Hosts Patricia Baker, Becky Andreasson
Supernatural Girlz  Radio
 Saturday 12th April (9-11:00 pm EST & Canada).
(Friday at 2-4 am in London, 3-5 am in France)
Tune in to the show by going to

·       Host Kerry Cassidy:  (Project Camelot Portal) 
Whistle-Blower Radio
Friday 18th April (7pm PacificT to 9pm) (Saturday, 4-6am France. Tune in to:

·       Host Whitley Strieber:  Dreamland  Radio
Tuesday April 22d.  (10-11 am Pacific).
(Tuesday 6-7 pm in London, 7-8 pm in France)

·      Host James Swagger:  Capricorn  Radio
I don’t have the airing date yet, but it’ll be sometimes after the 23d of April.
Listen to the interview:

·       Host Greg Moffitt:  Legalise Freedom Radio
Listen to the interview, starting April 30th:

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