Radio interviews + conferences on DNA of the Gods (April 17th)

Update : April  17th, 2014

Upcoming radio shows to which you can tune in via internet (in real time), or listen to the audio recording either on YOUTUBE, or on this blog, or else on each website’s archives.

·       Host Kerry Cassidy:  (Project Camelot 
Portal)                                  Whistle-Blower Radio
Friday April 18th (7-9pm Pacific; Sat. 4-6am France). Tune in to:

·       Host Whitley Strieber:  Dreamland  Radio
Tuesday April 22d (10-11am Pac; 6-7pm UK, 7-8pm France). 

·      Host James Swagger:  Capricorn  Radio
The video interview will be posted soon after the 23d of April 

·       Host Greg Moffitt:  Legalise Freedom Radio
The video interview will be posted April 30th on: 


·      Hosts Patricia Baker, Becky Andreasson:
Supernatural Girlz  Radio (April 12th, 2014) (
Listen to the audio: 
The alien battle for humanity: Will we be enslaved or set free?

·       Host Rita Louise: Just Energy Radio (April 3d, 2014) (
Watch the video: 
The Genetic Engineering Of The Annunaki Gods - Chris Hardy

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