Chris H. Hardy - Interviews 2014-15 (videos & Radios)

Chris Interviews 2014-15

* Forthcoming (18 July, 2016): Wars of the Anunnaki: Nuclear Self-Destruction in Ancient Sumer.
* 2015. Cosmic DNA at the Origin. A Hyperdimension before the Big Bang: The Infinite Spiral Staircase Theory. CreateCpace, USA..
* 2014: Chris H. Hardy, Ph.D.  DNA of the Gods: The Anunnaki Creation of Eve and the Alien Battle for Humanity (on Inner Traditions top 50 bestsellers list).


·        Thinking Allowed  Host psychologist Jeffrey Mishlove (Dec 2015)

1. The Infinite Spiral Staircase, Part One: Telepathic Harmonic Fields, with Chris H. Hardy *

2. The Infinite Spiral Staircase, Part Two: Semantic Field Theory, with Chris H. Hardy

3. The Infinite Spiral Staircase, Part Three: Cosmic DNA at the Origin, with Chris H. Hardy

·        Megalithomania 2015 (Glastonbury, UK)
CHRIS HARDY: The Sacred Network: Leys, Megaliths and the French Connection

·       LA Talk Live / Here’s to your health - Host Josh Lane, Los Angeles (06/10/14) (no archives 2014
·        Ancient Aliens Conference (organized by David Childress  -06/14/14 Kempton, Chicago) (no recording)


·        (07/10/14)  Mark Johnson & Loren de Pinto - Unknown Origins radio (Paranormal Planet) <>

·        (03/05/15) Royce Holleman - TalkNow Radio 

  • (04/12/14) Patricia Baker - Supernatural Girlz Radio

Dreamland: DNA Of The Gods 4-25-2014

  • (04/18/14) Kerry Cassidy -  Project Camelot/Avalon. (Not correctly archived)

  • (04/23/14) James Swagger - Capricorn Radio
* 136 Capricorn Radio - Chris H. Hardy - DNA Of The Gods
*  The Anunnaki Creation of Eve and the Alien Battle for Humanity (18.788 views Feb 2016) (Feb 2016 - 6,516 views)


·        (08/15/14)  Jeffery Pritchett - Mabus Radio (Recording problems, 2d hour better)

  • (04/03/14) Rita Louise - Just Energy Radio  ( The Genetic Engineering Of The Annunaki Gods - Chris Hardy

·        (07/11/14) Robert Pepino - The Whole Agenda radio show (radio & website discontinued)

·        (07/03/14) Jake Fox - Black Tower Radio (missing link)

·        (03/24/15) Donna Seebo - The Donna Seebo Show (damaged link)

·        (07/09/15) Xavier - The Human Experience Podcast

In French

Video1. Conférence à L'Entrepot sur la Géographie sacrée de Paris (22 Oct 2015). Focus sur le Réseau sacré de Paris.

·        Video2. L'Entrepot 22 Oct 2015, 2ème partie. Focus sur les champs collectifs de conscience (Champs Telhar ou Télépathiques-Harmoniques)

·        Audio (26 Mai 2014) Joelle Verain - Radio Enghien (98.0 hz)

Forthcoming interviews:
* Jill Hanson The Q.Psience Project, Alternative Talk Radio Host at KGRA-db
Web: Facebook: Jill is host of The Q.Psience Project on KGRA Digital Broadcasting every Friday night at 9:00PM EST.

* Kyle and Cam - Expanded Perspectives Philson (Book reviews) 


* For researchers & journalists in the field: If you are interested in reviewing the galley of my book “Wars of the Anunnaki” (July 2016), please contact Manzanita at Inner traditions & Bear: 


Author of DNA of the Gods



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