Upcoming events: • March 21st, 2014: release of ‘DNA of the Gods’ • April 3d (8-10pm EST) interview of Chris Hardy on Just Energy radio show

Hello folks!
This year’s day of spring is a great event for me, since March 21st will see the launching of my new book ‘DNA of the Gods.’ Of course, I love to get this blessing from the rising light on the day of the equinox! It’s a heartening synchronicity.
If you want to know more about this book, scan the list of Libels on the right for the one showing this title. To buy it or see the diverse presentations on it, check the left Libel list for “Buy books online.”
Here are two quick links to Amazon USA and to my publisher:

·   Amazon.com (USA) 

 JUST ENERGY radio show 

Dr. Rita Louise will discuss Chris book :
DNA of the Gods
on Thursday, April 3d, 2014.
She gives Chris the two hours of her show: 
8-10  pm EST (UTC/GMT ­­­­-5).

From wherever you live, you can tune into the show by going to:

The radio show will air on: ·            the night of Thur. April 3d to Fri. April 4th, 1-3 am in London, UK 
·            Thursday April 3d in Canada (inc. Québec), EDT (East. Daylight T.), 20-22 pm 
·            Cette émission de radio en anglais (via internet) peut s’écouter en France et en Europe continentale de l’ouest dans la nuit du jeudi 3 avril au vendredi 4 avril, 2-4h du matin (h. d’été, ou CEST/ Central Europ. Summer T.) 
·            If you don’t find your location, click on the link below (in violet) to access a Time Zone Converter (Cliquez sur le lien en violet ci-dessous pour accéder à un comparateur d’horaires universel): 

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