Oct22-2013-beyond 1000 exoplanets discovered

We have an exploit to celebrate:

On october 22 2013, one thousand exoplanets had already been discovered, and since then, we moved beyond that number…

Exoplanet tally soars above 1,000

 by Melissa Hogenboom - Science reporter, BBC News

The number of observed exoplanets - worlds circling distant stars - has passed 1,000. Of these, 12 could be habitable - orbiting at a distance where it is neither "too hot" nor "too cold" for water to be liquid on the surface. The planets are given away by tiny dips in light as they pass in front of their stars or through gravitational "tugs" on the star from an orbiting world. These new worlds are listed in the Extrasolar Planets EncycopediaThe tally now stands at 1,010 new exoplanets, bolstered by 11 new finds from the UK's Wide Angle Search for Planets (Wasp).

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