Sun setting under Arc de Triomphe, illumining the main Sacred Line of Paris along the Champs Elysées

The third week of May and early August, the sun is setting exactly under the Arc de Triomphe on Etoile Plaza, thus illuminating the main axis of Paris, along the  Champs Elysées, toward the Obelisk of Concorde Plaza. We are still on this Axis 1 when we stroll along the median of the garden of Tuileries to the Arc de Triomphe of Carrousel, facing the  inverted  pyramid. Photo 1993.

 The axis 1, called West Decumanus, is of course much longer, not only crossing the whole of Paris and then to specific monuments outside of Paris, such as the Grande Arche of La Défense (the business quarter); in fact, the axis turns around the world as a Circle Route (whose center is Earth center). According  to  Philip  Thomas,  the  great  Circle  Route  from La  Défense toObelisk  runs  through  Mount  Sinai  (along  a  route  that  is  116  degrees south-southeast). A second Circle Route crossing Paris, which Thomas calls the Royal Axis, runs through the Grande Arche and Palais du Luxembourg (120 degrees  south-southeast),  then  goes  through  the  Giza  pyramids in Egypt, and then to  Mecca.

Futura Sciences, Insolite : le Soleil se couche sous l'Arc de Triomphe. Article by J-B Feldmann. 07/27/2010. Photography: From Place de la Concorde , 8 may 2009. Credit J-Y Sardelli.

Photography: 1997 Credit G. Troude.
 In the modern Paris, lively arcs of light rebounding from building to building form stupendous structures extended over the whole city such as pentagrams, circles, and Sri-Yantras or Stars of David. These constellations in stone, beyond their sacred geometry signature, are encoding amazing stories. The temple-church devoted to the Magdalene, perfectly fitted in a thrice sacred structure forming the Lily of France's central petal, within a Golden Rectangle, whose central horizontal line is extending from Arc de Triomphe (point Y) to the Châtelet Plaza (Point S), with the Obelisk at its center (Point G). This geo-architecture reveals how the Magdalene is linked to a royal line, and further back to Egypt and Isis (the Obelisk from Luxor), thus comforting Lincoln’s views.

Plate 4: Golden Rectangle + Hexagram in Paris. (c) & Credit: Chris H. Hardy.

Fig 9.4. Monuments on Paris' Golden Rectangle. (c) & Credit: Chris H. Hardy. (From The Sacred Network, Inner Traditions, 2011.

The research on leys and sacred sites thus leads us toward a striking conclusion: that the Sacred Network was meant to be a crucial evolutionary force prodding humanity into a higher consciousness—the connection between sacred sites all over Earth foreshadowing the leap of humanity into an attuned collective consciousness.
The Sacred Network explains how humanity as a whole will soon undergo a fantastic leap in consciousness - achieving a supraconscious collective state. Novel mental capacities are emerging right now, especially in terms of group harmonization, showing that collective consciousness is the next step in human evolution. As fantastic as it may sound, this evolution has been primed since 6000 BC, by a civilization of immense knowledge – the megaliths people. By erecting standing stones worldwide at locations having an uplifting effect on consciousness, they created the blueprint of a Network that was going to be not only revered but constantly complexified until today. Since ages, the Sacred Network has thus linked sacred sites of all cultures and religions on Earth. The connection between distant sacred spots was prodding collective consciousness, thus prefiguring a time when a global attunement would be achieved. And now the time has come for humanity to leap into a global and harmonized consciousness.
Thus, within major cities on Earth, prominent buildings have been organized and oriented in such a way as to boost the arcs of energy of the Network. In Paris for example, this has been done by each and any government, whether tribal Gaul kings, monarchy, empire, or else democracy. Thus the President Mitterrand  inspired  and  supervised  the  most  innovative  and beautiful  cornerstones  of  the  whole  sacred  network  in  modern  times, from  the  exquisitely  esoteric  glass  pyramids  of  the  Louvre,  conceived by  the  architect  I.  M.  Pei,  to  the  perfect  embedding  of  the  Mitterrand Library  at  a  key  point  in  the  overall  network.  Great  castles  and  towers from all epochs, and of course their chapels, hôtels particuliers, manors, museums,  and  other  buildings  with  novel  architectural  designs—most of these are also oriented within the network.


 The sacred spots chosen for erecting stones have always remained sacred, each new religion building on the very same site. Thus, in the underground foundation of Paris’ Notre Dame Cathedral was the Gaul (Celtic) Pillar of the Nautes, then a temple to Diana, and finally the foundation of the diverse versions of the cathedral. Similarly, Chartres cathedral was erected above a prominent druidic temple—an arc of twelve standing stones bearing carvings of Runes. And under St Sulpice Church in Paris—which was the seat of the Priory of Sion—was a temple to the Goddess Isis.

The Sacred Network, Inner Traditions, 2011. 

et sa traduction en français par l'auteur:

Réseaux énergétiques et conscience collective. Paris: Dervy. 2016.

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